Greetings from Jugen Ishikawa, the Chairman of the Festival Committee

“Chitose Hogu Hogu Festival” – the name of this new festival born in Nara was inspired by one of the poems in the Man' yoshu anthology, the oldest existing collection of Japanese poetry, which was compiled in the 8th century.

I crop some mistletoe from a branch of a tree, and put it in my hair as an ornament, wishing for a long and prosperous life, lasting a thousand years.

- Yakamochi Otomo (#4136 in the Volume 18, “Man’yoshu”)

The composer, Yakamochi Otomo, was one of the most renowned poets in the Tempyo period (8th century). I was deeply impressed with this ancient poem which wished for a long and prosperous life in such elegant sounding prose. As the committee members wish the same for the people who join the festival with their love for Nara, we are very happy and proud of the name the festival inspired from the poem. The festival is full of interesting programs created by many experts over a variety of fields.

The Heijo Palace Site is where past and present meet: Kintetsu trains run through the vast palace site between the massive Daigokuden Hall and the Suzaku-mon Gate. We wish that the Chitose Hogu Hogu Festival will be the place where people can meet the past and present of Nara at the same time.

The 39 cities, towns and villages of Nara will come together during the two-day festival to present their local appeals, providing a wonderful opportunity for everyone to experience the profound culture of Nara. Through the programs, such as workshops in which people can experience the ancient world, lectures and introductions to rituals from the Nara period, visitors will be able to deepen their understanding of Japanese history. Don’t forget to check out gift items and to try a variety of warm and delicious local specialties of Nara, too. There is so much that Nara has to offer.

Winter in Nara is very cold, yet, refreshing. The crisp air brings with it solemn tranquility. There are certain appeals of Nara you can experience only during winter. The colder the air becomes, the more you will feel the warmth of the local Nara people. Join “Nara Chitose Hogu Hogu Festival” and warm yourself up.

Jugen Ishikawa (Chief Monk of Kairyuo-ji Temple)
The Chairman of the Hogu Hogu Festival Committee

The special two days where the ancient and the present meet.Welcome to the Chitose Hogu Hogu Festival.

Welcome to the Chitose Hogu Hogu Festival.

Join a new and fun festival featuring the full attractions of Nara. On the World Heritage site of the Heijo Palace Site, experience the history and traditions of Nara through lectures, workshops, local delicacies and gift items.
"I Love Nara!" This is the festival for those who have a warm love for this ancient capital.
Let’s enjoy the “Hogu Hogu Festival” together!


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